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Litho Print

Lithographic PrintingLet’s have a look at litho printing in a little more detail.

Litho printing is also known as lithographic printing or lithography and was patented back in 1799. It was based upon the fact that water and oil do not mix.

It involves transferring an inked image to the material that is to be printed by using a rubber roller and a plate. Ink that has been put in the printer is attracted to the plate that is then transferred on to the material such as paper. A water-based film is attracted to any areas that do not have an image on them thus just leaving in place the image that had been transferred to the material via the plate.

What can litho printing be used for?

Litho printing can be utilised to print so many things but it is particularly useful for the printing of jobs that involve a huge numbers of items that can be produced to a very high quality.

For instance, you may wish to print many thousands of newsletters that are to be posted out to your clients and, by using litho printing, these could be produced very quickly indeed. This type of printing method is also useful for printing things like labels and packaging materials in high volumes. Manuals, books and brochures are some of the other items that can be printed using offset lithography printing as they, invariably, are made up of many pages.

So, as you can see litho printing can be used for many forms of large printing jobs. It is also important to bear in mind that such printing can be done in a cost effective way.

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