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Compliment Slips

compliment slipsCompliment slips are a great way to communicate a short message in a professional, cost-effective manner and, therefore, should be one of the many items in your business stationery portfolio. Although small in size, they nevertheless need to be of a good quality in order to portray the right image for your business.

The compliment slip could have your contact details on it, what your business does and what your position is within the company. It can be used for so many things such as to accompany a brochure with a brief message written or typed on it or enclosed with a gift that you are sending to a customer. It just adds that personal touch when dealing with your clients that can make all the difference to your business relationship and, ultimately, impact on your profitability.

Why choose compliment slips from Optima Print?

We have been designing and printing compliment slips for many years and, you will be pleased to read that, we pay as much attention to the features of them as we do to all our other stationery items for our clients. They are designed to match your high quality corporate image that is so important in the business world in which you operate today. Our experienced, talented design team will devote whatever time is required to create a compliment slip that will add value to your business.

They are printed in 1,2 or 3 colour, full colour or in black and white on high quality laser paper with a choice of either 100gsm or 120gsm. As a result, you should be able to get the compliment slips you require at a price your business can comfortably afford.

So, let Optima Print be your first choice for your compliment slips as well as your other items of office stationery.